Kearsley LloydCreating custom designs is a tremendously gratifying creative process. Crafting a unique ‘signature’ for a special person, couple or memorable occasion is an opportunity to generate something truly extraordinary and enduring – a hallmark that distinguishes the exceptional from the usual. From an artist’s perspective, knowing that the recipients of my designs will enjoy them for many years to come is particularly fulfilling!

Whatever your particular occasion, I would be delighted to design a custom motif that makes it exceptional. As we become acquainted, you may choose to share a Pinterest Board, photographs, or other ideas with me – these thoughts and mementos help to give me a sense of your preferences and objectives. If you like, we can chat about your ideas on the phone and exchange thoughts and images by e-mail.

Let’s work together to find the perfect design for you, a visual legacy that will last a lifetime! Please contact me at and let’s get started today!